The Quest To Read Them All

So I’m currently on a quest to read every book I own. These are the first 35 books on my “To Be Read” list:

Wicked appetite
Dangerous refuge
Ninth key
Harry potter and the chamber of secrets
Silver linings play book
Whiskey beach
Your hate mail will be graded
The Romanov bride
Harry potter and the prisoner of azkabam
Blind allegiance to Sarah palin
Not quite mine
Harry potter and the order of the Phoenix
The curious incident of the dog in the night-time
Garlic & sapphires
Darkest hour
The time traveler’s wife
Harry potter 4
Paris to die for
Wicked business
According to Jane
Harry potter and the half blood prince
Staying at daisy’s
The mystery of Lewis Carroll
The fifth estate
Harry potter and the deathly hallows
Original sin
Three sisters
The Carrie diaries
A woman in charge
The last Templar
The starter wife

Any suggestions on books I can add to the list?

Oh and just so you know, this was just the first of 17 boxes. I think I may have a problem… 🙂


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