I don’t wanna…

Have you ever just wanted to stomp you feet and have a temper tantrum and yell, “I don’t wanna!”???  I am totally feeling that way right now.  But I’m a grown up and can’t have the two year old temper tantrum that I long for, so I’m going to try and do something more constructive with my time and make a list of the things that I really do want to do today…

  • I want to fall asleep quickly
  • I want to make time to read a good book
  • I want to work on my current needlepoint project – isn’t it a great feeling to watch something you are creating take shape?
  • I want to keep forging forward toward my fresh start
  • I want to help those that I love most
  • I want to snuggle with my furry little monster while I still can

I hope to accomplish all of these things, along with a bunch of other stuff that I don’t really want to do tomorrow.  Oh what a Monday it will be…


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Filed under check-it-off-the-list, self improvement

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