Not over yet…

I swear this day is going to last for 72 hours!

So due to some crazy circumstances in my world, we moved most of our worldly possessions into storage, began a hopefully short stint of couch surfing, and have to take our beloved pug to stay with family out of state. All that and I’m still trying to maintain some semblance of my normal routine. I must be off my rocker.

When MBG asked if I was ready for this next adventure I think my answer surprised her. I told her, “this isn’t the next adventure, this is the transition between the old one and the new one. But I’m totally ready for this one to end!” It’s time to clear out all the excess baggage and make some sweeping changes in our lives. Let’s hope the transition is both swift and smooth, because after this last set of roller coaster bumps I could use a nice even keel. (Wow, I must be as overtired as I think! Holy clichĂ©s Batman.)

Time for a nap on our ridiculous journey… Zzzzzzzzzzzz


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Filed under family drama, mixed up crazy world, pug city

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