WooHoo! I did it!

So, I’ve been on something of a journey of self improvement this year.  Yes, I know 37 is a weird year to chose for personal improvement… 30, 35, or 40 even would’ve been more normal, but this is when the desire to get my house in order struck me, so I took the chance to work on it while I was feeling so motivated…

That being said, one of the things I wanted to accomplish this year was starting a blog.  Whether it was for journaling, or to eventually turn into a career/psuedocareer I had no clue, but it was on my “Never-Ending-Ever-Expanding” checklist.  The actual item on the list was “Blog everyday for 2 weeks.”  And as of this entry I have successfully accomplished my task!  WooHoo!!!!!  Now that I’m committed to this project though, I’m going to continue my blog and figure out exactly what I want to dedicate it to – I’m thinking a cross between some of my favorite things: books, Pinterest projects, and organizational ideas.  We are in the middle of some great big moving and shaking in my world, so it may take me a bit to figure out exactly what direction I want to take this in, but I know I am now completely committed to making a go of it!  I’ll post at least 3 days a week and most likely 5 days once the world settles down a bit.  I look forward to meeting more of you and exploring just where this endeavor will take me!


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