Organizing Things…

I am admittedly a bit OCD.  That being said I am slightly compulsive about organizing things.  It calms me down to have an orderly space and streamlined schedule.  I have learned overtime, that you cannot be to rigid in your own constraints, because the rest of the world does not usually operate in the same orderly manner that you do…

Because of a huge kerfuffle in my life almost all of my possessions are currently in storage, which makes my organizational systems harder to use.  However, it also gives me the opportunity to work my way through everything and make sure that it is all in the appropriate box, bin, bag or tub so that unpacking it once we get to our new destination will be a breeze.  Now of course, that’s assuming we get exactly the space I am looking for (or dreaming of really) in our new home.

Which brings me to today’s blog topic…  Squeezing everything into one small space.  The only way I have found to do this is to organize everything into sections in the confined space.  I have spent the last several days doing just that.  I have the storage area separated into categories.  Along one wall I have all of the clothing (including bags, shoes, and suitcases) grouped together, then the books, followed by the arts & crafts stuff, then the DVDs, board games & puzzles.  The next section is the tools, kitchen stuff, and decorations.  On the opposite wall all of the furniture is lined, stacked, and piled together.  The electronics (with a few minor exceptions – can’t live without the iPad or laptop) are piled on any and all available flat surfaces.

Now you may think I’m off my rocker, but I swear it really does make life easier.  Especially when you need to find that one specific book for your final presentation for a Graduate Class in literacy, or the piece of fabric to reupholster the antique settee that your grandmother gave you, or even the 3rd season of Nurse Jackie because there’s no cable where you are staying right now and your brain might explode from all the quiet.


photo photo (2)  photo (1)

Next on the organizational horizon:  a house hunting checklist!  I’m totally open to suggestions, as this is not something I’m overly familiar with.


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