Pinterest Crafting Galore

So I have fallen victim to the lure of Pinterest, as have many of my friends; however, I am bound and determined to actually make the stuff I’ve pinned over the course of my time exploring the unending crafts available!  So each Wednesday I’m going to talk about my own attempts to complete some (if not all) of my pinned crafting projects.  Now, I’m not the craftiest of people.  I don’t sew.  I’m not the best painter.   But I’m as determined as the next guy and I can usually tell when I’m in over my head on something.  I’m currently working on a couple of different projects, so I can’t show you those today…  But, because this is my first installment on this topic I can cheat and give you a sampling of some of the ones I’ve managed to finish so far.

Here are some Christmas Ornaments:  They almost look like they did in the picture & instructions…  I think the paint was too thick, so maybe next time I’ll try thinning it out – if I ever bother trying to make these again.  You never know…


Next is another ornament – It’s supposed to be all the fun stuff we did as a family in 2012.  I’d probably like it better if I wasn’t so critical of my own handwriting.  The idea was cool and it was fun to remember the different things we did throughout the year, so this is one we will be doing again!


This is one of my favorites!  I use this all the time.  I’ somewhat of a collector and now I have someplace to put all those ticket stubs that were too cool to just toss out!  “Admit One” was the first Pinterest project I ever actually completed.


This one is an activity idea generator, and I can honestly say we don’t actually use it.  The concept was cool, but life just kept getting in the way.


This last one is also an activity generator, but it’s supposed to be for New Year’s Eve and reflecting on all the things you’ve done over the year.  You write down at least one good memory each week and put the strip in the jar and then on New Years you both (or all) sit around reading through each and reminiscing about the things you included in the jar.  We’ve been ok, not great about putting the memory slips in, but this year’s been a doozy so I’m going to cut us some slack here.


I’ve done a couple of other projects – a weekly dry eraser planner from a collage frame & a numeric anniversary photo – but I don’t have photos of those right now, as they like most of my other belongings are in storage for the moment.

I hope you are intrigued by my attempts at craftiness and will check back weekly to see if I’m managed to create something that looks halfway like what I intended it to…


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