Quest to Read them All – Susan Mallery’s Halfway There


So I took a break from finishing Cat’s Cradle to read Susan Mallery’s new Fool’s Gold Novella Halfway There.  It was released on Wednesday, May 1st.  Which is confusing because generally new releases come out on Tuesdays, but ehh such is life.  I was very excited to have a quick, fun book to read and take a break from the more philosophical Vonnegut, that and the crazy end of semester madness of a college student combined with the ongoing nuttiness that is my everyday life.  Halfway There provided just that for me.

The novella was a lighthearted addition to Mallery’s ongoing Fool’s Gold series.  The story is about new characters (Fayrene & Ryan) and returning old favorites (Ethan Hendrix, Charity & Josh Golden make appearances).  Susan Mallery has created such a great environment for her readers that each new story is another stitch in the quilt that is the life of the people of Fool’s Gold, California.

I am anxiously awaiting the next installment in the series, Just One Kiss, which is due out May 28, 2013.  She’s promised us a summer full of bodyguards and Fool’s Gold fun!


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