Let’s Get Carried Away –

On  a tray that is…

So this week’s Pinterest project was to turn an old cabinet door into a serving tray.  I’m not very good at following directions so I sort of made it up as I went along, which is why mine looks nothing like the pinterest example, but I love it!  It’s totally going in my kitchen when I finally get to unpack it!

They supplies I used to do this project were a salvaged cabinet door, 4 door knobs (that I used as legs), 2 cabinet door handles, a drill, a screw driver, a sanding block, and spray paint.  Pretty simple.  All together I think it cost me about $20 to buy all the supplies and stuff, but if you have any of the stuff already, your costs will be less.

So these are my version of the directions (with corresponding pictures):

1.  Remove any old gunk from the cabinet door.  I had to scrape off old tape, and wash it down with a lysol wipe to get the funk off.

image (24)


image (23)

After Cleaning

2.  Then sand the door, top bottom and all the edges.  the smother you get it the nicer the finish after you spray paint it.

image (20) image (21)  (Starbucks always seems to make manual labor more fun…)

3.  Once you’ve sanded the door, wipe it down and make sure you’ve gotten all the dust and stuff off, because that will mess up the paint.  I found that out the hard way…  Next in a well ventilated area spray paint the door any color or way you want.  Me I’m a bit boring in this aspect of design, and I went with white.  I change my home colors so often that I went with a neutral just so I could keep using it even after I change the colors in my kitchen…

image (2) image (14) image

4.  You can go back and touch up any of the spots you missed or that go messed up because the plastic you put down to project the table blew up and got stuck in the wet paint.

5.  Once it’s dry you can drill pilot holes for the screws that will mount the hardware.  I drilled a hole in each corner about an inch in from each side for the legs and two holes in the center of the shorter sides for the handles. **Always make sure the drill battery is charged, or you’ll have to wait and it’ll mess with your schedule and all that jazz**

image (30) image (29)

6.  Once the holes were drilled I attached the legs and handles.

image(8) image (25) image (26)

So at this point, you’re pretty much finished.  You can go back and spray over the screws to make everything match and give it a more finished look.

Here’s my completed project for your consideration!

image (53) image (52)


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