Tasty Tuesday – “Skinny” Stuffed Chicken

Ok, so for this week’s kitchen centered experiment I played with a recipe I found on, you guessed it, Pinterest.  Now, as you’ve learned, I’m not so good at sticking to directions exactly, but I do tend to work within the general scope and guidelines of the original recipe.  I’m not a fan of laughing cow cheese, so I went with the more generic lowfat shredded cheddar variety.  That and I am not a fan of wood in my food, so I left out the toothpicks, too…

The recipe was easy to follow, and relatively quick.  I served it with a side of the extra broccoli that didn’t fit in as stuffing and in deference to the “skinny” nature of the dish we avoided serving a starch.  It was a nice, well balanced meal and filled everyone up in one serving.  It wasn’t too expensive, and didn’t call for any really weird ingredients.  However, I tend to keep some odd stuff in my pantry, so you may not have Panko breadcrumbs or whole wheat bread crumbs on hand.  I will probably make this again, and might even go so far as to change the stuffing up a bit.  Maybe I’ll use cauliflower or Swiss cheese next time.

Gwen took the pictures this time, so they aren’t the greatest glamor shots, but here’s what we served.


Any suggestions on similar dishes or things I could experiment with?



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