Balling with the Best of Them!

I’m really excited about this week’s Pinterest project!  I made a penny covered gazing ball for the garden.  This is one of the first things I pinned from Pinterest with the actual intention of completing the project.  There are more than 100 versions of this project online, but you all know me and my need to adjust the directions to suit my needs, so I did just that…

First we went to the Thrift Store, bank, and home improvement store to collect all my needed supplies.  I got a bowling ball, some Amazing Goop Plumbing adhesive (I wanted something waterproof), $5 in pennies, and grouting supplies.  The grout was my own addition to the process.  I didn’t like how the bright blue bowling ball looked peaking through the spaces in the pennies.

The first thing I did was wipe down the ball, so that the adhesive would stick without any problems.  Then I added the pennies 50 at a time…

the first 50

the first 50

That's 100

That’s 100



somewhere between 200 & 300

somewhere between 200 & 300



somewhere north of 360 pennies - I totally lost count

somewhere north of 360 pennies I totally lost count

Once I was finished gluing down all the pennies I wasn’t crazy about what should’ve been the final product…  I hated all the blue peaking through the pennies…  So I went ahead and grouted the whole thing.  I also used the extra grout to fill in the empty spaces where the finger holes were, so the pennies I used to cover them didn’t collapse.



I followed the standard grouting method.  I covered everything, waited a bit for it to set up, wiped the excess off, waited for it to dry completely and then cleaned it off the rest of the way.

Which gave me my final product, which I cannot wait to put out in the garden.  It’s supposed to help change the color of hydrangeas and work to ward off slugs (yucky).

finished product!

finished product!

What do you think?  I may have to make another one…  I’ve already gotten a request to leave it here, even after we leave.





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