Tasty Tuesday – Lots of Ravioli

This week’s recipes were a bit of a departure for me…  I didn’t get them off Pinterest.  Recently I went to a taping of The View with Gwen and my cousin, Stephanie.  It was such great fun!  The episode aired last Friday, May 17th.  The guests were Arsenio Hall, Roger Daltrey, Jackie Hance (the mom who lost her 3 daughters in the Terror on the Taconic accident), and Wayne Brady was the guest co-host.  Now, considering all that, my favorite part was Whoopi Goldberg’s segment “Whoopi’s NYC” where she took the audience on a video tour of one of NYC neighborhoods – Chelsea.  In this segment we got a chance to see the Highline and Chelsea Market.  As part of the tour of Chelsea Market, Whoopi had a food tasting with Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina and let me tell you it looked like a totally phenomenal experience.  Rana’s was quite generous and gave each of the audience members some free samples of their fresh ravioli, which is where I got my recipes and most of the ingredients for this week’s installment of Tasty Tuesday!  Me I have no idea what it actually tastes like, because I don’t eat pasta of any kind, so while I prepared a lovely meal I didn’t actually eat any of it…

image (4)

Now dessert on the other hand, I actually tried! And let me tell you it was really, really good!  It was also ridiculously fun to prepare!  I got to flambe!

flaming food!

flaming food!

It was a first for me and one I’d really like to try again!  Rana’s also gave us a sample of Chocolate Ravioli.  They were a chocolate dough filled with a chocolate ganache.  The recipe they included was for a raspberry currant rum sauce, now you all know how well I follow directions, so it won’t really surprise you when I tell you that I altered the recipe slightly.  I used blackberries instead of currants, mostly because my supermarket only had these raisin looking things they were claiming were dried currants, which wouldn’t have worked at all with the sauce.  I also had 3 packages of ravioli to work with and therefore tripled the amounts of the ingredients, which meant I used altogether too much rum.  Man was the sauce boozy.

image (5)

The ravioli was really phenomenal, but I won’t be using the same sauce when I make this dessert next time.  I’m planning on using a white chocolate raspberry sauce and can’t wait to take a trip to Chelsea Market and buy my ingredients!

Anybody ever tried the food from Chelsea Market before???


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