Who Can Tell Me What These Numbers Mean?

I’m on a roll!  I just posted my catch up entry from yesterday, and am rolling right along to today’s topic.  I loved this week’s project and hope you all enjoy it too…  I promise it won’t be as controversial as cutting up a book!

This week I took an idea from Pinterest and changed it a bit to suit my decorating style and personal needs.  I found this cool pillow that had latitude and longitude coordinates listed on it, which I really got a kick out of.  It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, I am quite particular, in case you haven’t realized that by now.  I decided to tweak it a bit and make it my own.  I went with a specific location, not a more generic city.  I went with a light colored fabric with a distinctly contrasting trim instead of white letters on a black background.  But the biggest change I made was in the shape of the pillow.  I made it a standard bed pillow size, because pillow forms are ridiculously expensive and you can get a decent bed pillow at Target for less than $10.

Here’s the step by step…

image (31)

Step 1:  Measure everything and cut the fabric and trim to size.

image (29)

Step 2: Trace the numbers on the previously cut fabric.  I got the latitude and longitude coordinates online.  I entered the address and poof the site popped out my coordinates for me!  Gotta love the magical powers of the internet!

image (30)

Step 3: I used fabric paint (black and sparkly silver paint mixed together) to fill in the numbers I had just put on the fabric.

image (33)

Step 4: is to sew the pillow case.  Me I am so not a seamstress, so I mailed the fabric and trim to my good friend Willa and she whipped it out quick as could be for me all for under $20 including postage!

image (32)

Step 5: Stuff the pillow into the cover and put it on the bed!

What do you think?  Can anyone figure out what the address that these coordinates belong to?  It’s very near and dear to my heart!



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