Awww Gee I’m such a sap sometimes…

So this week’s Pinterest project was a bit delayed, as I was waiting for it to be delivered…

Ok, as many of you know I am trying to encourage my not-so-crafty nature and am doing a project I liked from Pinterest once a week.  This week I chose to adapt a project I liked to fit my needs, and it sort of worked.  I think the layout is kinda funny and I might add something to the middle.  I’d love any suggestions that you guys have, because honestly I’m a bit lost.

Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself…  I called this week’s project 20 Things I Love About You.  It’s supposed to be for a wedding or an engagement party or something, but I liked the idea so much that I plan to hang it in my master bedroom, once we’ve actually moved into our new house and gotten settled enough to unpack the art work and all that jazz.

The first step was to get Gwen to come up with 20 things she loves about me, and then I came up with 20 things I love about her.  She read mine, and decided that she was going to redo her’s so I had to wait while she redid it.  (This was the first delay in this week’s adventure.)  Once I got all the words, I sat down at the computer and laid out the design.  I took each of our names and put them as the background in a MS Word document in gradient black (our bedroom is shades of grey with a pop of highlight color that changes as my mood does throughout the year.).  Then I laid out the list of 20 things separated by a small shaded grey heart over each name as an individual page.  Then I saved the files on a flash drive as a pdf and took it to Staples.  I price how much it would cost to print them on canvas and was not pleased at the expense.  So I went home and edited my file so it all fit on one page (an 11×14 page, but it was the least expensive layout I liked.)  I took my newly adjusted file back and ordered my canvas.  I waited 5 days and picked it up.

This is what I got:

image (81)


Like I said earlier…  I’m not so sure about the large gap in the middle.  What should I use to fill up the space, or should I scrap it and adjust the layout and get it reprinted?



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2 responses to “Awww Gee I’m such a sap sometimes…

  1. Pam

    How about some art work in that space; something simple

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