What to do with all those extra Scrabble pieces…

This week’s project was so much fun!  I’m a huge geek, in case you hadn’t noticed, and I love reading and word games.  I play words with friends and never have less than 10 games going at once.  I have more books than I chose to count and 3 different versions of Scrabble.  So this week’s Pinterest project was right up my alley!

I made coasters out of old Scrabble tiles!  Well, I had a bunch of help, because it was great fun to pick which words to use on each coaster!

image (4)

We went with 4 4×4 coasters and one 5×5 coaster.  5 of the coasters were all ages appropriate and one of the coasters was full of swear words (sorry if anyone is offended by the picture).  The 4×4 coasters hold an average sized coffee mug and the 5×5 wil hold my oversized tea cup.  I’m a bit of a tea addict and find a standard size mug to be inconvenient.

image (7)

Once we had chosen our words (one for reading, one for travel, one for the grandparents, one full of swear words, and one that is specific to me) we went about finding all of the correct letters.  We ran out of some of the letters and had to use blank tiles.  You can order replacement tiles online and find them on eBay if you don’t have a couple extra sets laying around.

When everything was all mocked up, we used Tacky Craft glue to put them all together.


Once they were good and dry we backed them with peel and stick cork cut to fit the same way I did the Harry Potter Coasters.

image (5)  image (6)

This is the finished product:

photo (2)

What do you think?  What words should we do next?  I was thinking of making a set for some of the people on my Christmas List, would you like to get these along with a mug or a book as a present?



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4 responses to “What to do with all those extra Scrabble pieces…

  1. Pam

    ooooh..pick me!!!

  2. sandy

    Great idea! Where did you find the peel and stick cork sheets?

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