I must have it out for the written word…

I’m at it again…  I cut up another (well not really, as it was one of the ones I had previously used for a project) book.  OK, I’m ready for the hate mail, this time.  Yes, I know it’s horrible to damage a book, and that all books should be savored.  I am an English teacher, after all, but honestly I put the book to good use.  It was well and truly loved before I turned it into a craft project and I personally own 3 other copies.  So, I am in no way shape or form sorry that I created a beautiful gift out of a well loved book.

This week’s Pinterest craft came from a photo of someone’s ingenious proposal technique.  This woman’s fiance took a copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and cut out a section of the book and hung the engagement ring inside the book.  It was so cool!  Now, as I am already married, but a huge Harry Potter fan, I had to modify the project to fit my needs.  And yes it was absolutely still necessary to cut up the book…

image (41)

I started with a used copy of the book…  Now the original pin cut from page 1, but I wanted to let it be more like a secret hiding place, because, hello – how cool is that?!?!?!  So I turned to Chapter 2 and measured out a section that covered most if not all of the text bellow the Chapter Heading Artwork.

image (40)  image (39) image (38)

I saved all the removed pages for another project.  I stopped cutting when I got to the chapter entitled “The Unbreakable Vow.”  How appropriate to a wedding themed craft?

image (37)

Once it was all cut out, I sealed the pages together using modge podge.  I brushed it along the outside of pages to make the book unopenable, and then also along the inside cut edges.

image (36)

Now that the book was ready, I cut a piece of sparkly silver ribbon and took our wedding bands and tied them up all pretty and camera ready.


Once it was all set, I took several pictures and I am currently waiting for the prints to arrive so I can frame them accordingly.

So I’d like you all to vote and let me know if you think using books to make great crafts is ok…



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2 responses to “I must have it out for the written word…

  1. I wont do that to my books, especially HP books, but I would buy a book on sale and do that to it.

    • I had to go find used copies before I even considered doing any crafting with books, especially HP books, but I’ve found 3 or 4 different projects that are really great that I can use the same set of well used books to complete… So I guess I’m ok with it for now.

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