I’m feeling pretty sappy again today…

So, I sorta completed a Pinterest project a while back and I wasn’t really satisfied with how it came out.  It was a canvas print of 20 Things We Love About Each Other, but there was a large gap in the middle of the picture that I wasn’t really crazy about.

image (81)

So I mulled it over and decided that I needed to add something to fill the empty space.  I toyed with putting our anniversary date, or just some filligree type scroll work, but then I remembered Gwen’s portfolio full of discarded drawings and such!  Haha I found my answer!  It took some digging (you know everything’s burried in storage) but I found the piece I was going to use…

image (98)

Once I had made my choice, I measured the gap (it was 4 inches wide) and marked off the picture to cut it.  I used a quilter’s measuring square and a yard stick along with an exacto knife to cut the size strip I wanted (3 inches).  Once I had the strip cut, I laid it out on the canvas, and secured it to the back of the print with glue.

image (95)    image (97)

And it looks sooooo much better!

image (96)



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