Tasty Tuesday – Dessert Nachos

Last week’s entry was all about the taco, this week we’ve moved on to the Nacho!  Not just any nacho, the dessert nacho!  This is my take on a recipe I found on Pinterest (as usual).  I’m really bad at sticking to a recipe exactly, and there are a bunch of creative and slightly picky people whom I share meals with these days, so I gave this one my own spin.

First I made the nachos… I cut up the tortillas like the recipe said, but I used a different sugar to cinnamon ratio (I guessed based on color – and the level of sweet teeth that abound around here) and I also handled the butter basting differently.  I cut the tortillas before I painted them with the melted butter, and really I should’ve painted then cut.  Next time I will totally reverse the order on that…

image (89)

Once the chips were prepped, I backed them for 10 minutes, but mine never really puffed up.  They did get crispy, but never really took on the nacho chip appearance I was hoping for.

image (88)

While they were baking, I cut up the fruit (the recipe called for strawberries and bananas, I added kiwi to the list – we had about a dozen left from a fruit basket we received last week).  I also put out the hot fudge, caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.  Once the oven timer sounded the gang was off and running to build their own bowl of Dessert Nachos!  Here’s what I came away with:

image (91)

They were quite yummy and not very hard to make.  I may have to add them to our expanding Taco Fiesta repertoire.



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