Let’s have a funky flavored drink!!!

This week’s Pinterest Project was a fun change for me…

You see, I don’t drink.  I’m not in AA, or any other form of recovery, but I still don’t consume alcoholic beverages.  That’s not to say I don’t use wine when cooking, because I absolutely do – my red sauce would never be the same if I stopped using wine as an ingredient.

Hmm, now what was I talking about, oh yeah, this week’s project:  Flavored Vodka.  Now, if you clicked on the link, you know that the original recipe is for flavored extracts (I made those at the same time), but if you read all the way to the end it mentions Chambord and Limoncello.  Which were the center of my project, mostly because I already had the bottles on hand.

This was ridiculously easy…  All it took was Vodka, whatever fruit you wanted to flavor the vodka with, a glass bottle, and some patience.

First I gathered my materials, and cleaned my bottles.  Next I washed my fruit (both the rasperries and the lemons).  Then I stuffed the berries in the bottle, and peeled the lemons (8 or them) with a regular vegetable peeler and shoved the peels into the other bottle.


image (35) image (34) image (33)


image (32) image (31)

image (21) image (20)

Once the fruit was in the bottles, I filled them with Vodka.  I chose a nice mid range booze, I didn’t want anything to cheap, because then it would’ve just been junk.  Also nothing to expensive, because then it could’ve ruined the refined flavor of the Vodka.  I used a 2 to 1 ration of vodka to fruit.

image (19)   image (18)   image (17)

Once It was fully loaded, I topped it off with any of the remaining fruit.  After that, I sealed the bottles and put them to the side for a week.

image (29)

I haven’t tried the Lemon one, but we strained the Raspberry one and used it in mixed drinks this weekend, and it was a great success.  The Vodka turned an interesting pink color and the berries were an almost translucent white when I strained them.  It was neat to see what the Vodka did to the fruit.  I’ve been assured that the project was a success, but alas we must return to the not drinking issue…

Can anyone suggest some other flavors to try?


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