Snapshot Saturday – Road Trip

It’s Snapshot Saturday and this week’s topic, as we continue with our ongoing theme of summer fun, is the almighty Road Trip!

064 - Copy

A quintessential road trip photo!  I love shots like these.  This is Utah, another stop on the Quest to Visit all 50 States from 2009.  I love road trips, and given the restrictions that my family circumstances place on travel, they are the best and most economical form of vacation available to my little family group.  We quite enjoy getting in our car and hitting the road!

We still have 13 states left to visit, mostly in the northwest corner of the country.  I hope to get to make that trip sometime in the Spring of 2014.  Any one have any must see things in that area?  The kitschier the better – giant ball of string, Cadillac Ranch (I know it’s in Texas, but something like that)…


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