Tasty Tuesday – Adult Watermelon Ice Pops

This week’s kitchen experiment took way longer than I wanted, but most of it was waiting around to try the finished product…

I found a recipe on Pinterest for Watermelon Margarita Popsicles, and everyone that I share a kitchen with was totally intrigued!  As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t drink.  At all, really.  I don’t know why.  I just don’t like how alcohol tastes.  However, my aversion to booze in no way affects my kitchen experimentation and I am more than willing to try out anything that sounds interesting and boy did these ice pops sound fun!

I pretty much followed the directions to a “T,” which is rather unusual, but given the type of concoction I was making I figured I’d stick to the expert’s suggestions.

First I cut up the watermelon.  I needed 5 cups, and boy did I under estimate the yield of my watermelon.  We are going to be snacking on the extra for days!

image (81)  image (80)

Once it was nicely cubed I threw the five cups in the blender and added the rest of the stuff (lime juice, sugar, orange liqueur, and tequila).

image (79)  image (82)

Once everything was in there I turned it on and set it to liquify.  I really enjoy the button names on my blender.  They can always give me a quick smile, based solely on the creativity behind the words chosen.

image (83)

As soon as there were no chunks of melon left I ran it through a strained to get rid of any thicker stuff (foam or pulp, if you will).  This was a bit of a pain in the bottom, but I’m sure it made things better in the end.

image (84)

Next I filled my newly acquired popsicle molds (we got twin pop, jelly belly and rocket pop molds just for the occasion!).  Once they were full into the freezer they went, and the interminable waiting began.

image (78)

After about an hour, when the mixture had started to set, I inserted the handles.  But the ice pops wouldn’t be ready for 24 hours!  The eager taste testers had to wait an entire day before they could try out the adult ice pops!


According to my taste testers, they were well worth the wait.  When I tried them all I could taste was the alcohol, so next time I’ll be making both a virgin and an adult version of this recipe!


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