Let’s Tear Up a Couple of Books…

This week’s Pinterest project was another rip and tear of well used books.  Now, I know that some of you think this is controversial, but I’ve come to accept the artistic value in using extra copies of books that I love to make art.  The first I made coasters, next I made an anniversary gift, and now I made a candle holder.

As usual, I took a project idea I found on Pinterest and tailored it to fit my needs.  My jars weren’t actually jars, but a glass candle bowl.  I also didn’t use whole pages, but pieces of them.

OK, so this is what I actually did…

I gathered my supplies (modge podge, exacto knife, glass container, sponge brush and books).

image (7)

Then I went through the books and picked the pages I wanted to use.  I love the chapter art from the Harry Potter Series, and as I had already abused these particular books I was completely ok with ripping out the pages.  I was going to use the exacto knife, but I found that it was much easier to just pull out the pages and tear around the images to give them the unfinished edges I was looking for.

image (38)

Once I had the pages ready, I coated the glass bowl with modge podge and then started applying the pages I had selected to the container.  I also coated the pages with modge podge as I was applying them.

image (8)  image (9)  image (11)

I then let it to dry.  Once it was dry to the touch, I trimmed the pieces that weren’t smooth along the top edge of the bowl.  After I had trimmed everything I then coated the entire project with another layer of modge podge.

image (12)  image (14)  image (16)

Then it was back to waiting…  I am really not so good at the whole waiting thing, but crafting is teaching me a level of patience I was sorely lacking.  Once it was totally dry I put a plain white votive candle inside and proceeded to light it.

image (4)

This is a picture of the final product!  What do you think???


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