Tasty Tuesday – Honey Grilled Peaches

It’s summer time over where I live, so most of my kitchen adventures tend to either lead to the freezer or the backyard BBQ.  This week we are headed outside for a surprisingly good grilled dessert!

As usual, I found the recipe on Pinterest, but made it my own…  I’m really bad a following directions exactly, especially by the time I get to the dessert recipe – it is at the end of the meal, after all.  The original recipe was much more complicated than I was willing to experiment with after a long hard day, but I loved the idea of Grilled Peaches with Mascarpone Cheese.  Now, mind you I didn’t have any Mascarpone in the fridge, but it is summertime, so we always have vanilla ice cream on hand.  Which lead to the main change in this recipe.

Here’s what I did…

First I washed and halved 3 very nice ripe peaches.  It was the best peach splitting experience I’ve ever had.  Usually I massacre at least one of the peaches while trying to cut them neatly, but this time I didn’t squish any! (Happy Dance performed at the kitchen counter!)  Once they were cut and cleaned, I headed out to the trusty BBQ and put them on cut side up over a medium high heat.  Once they were all settled, I coated the cut side with some honey and flipped them over to get some nice caramelization and grill marks.

image (19)


The hardest part of grilling is leaving the stuff alone and not checking on it too often.  I suck at this, it’s that whole lack of patience thing.  I’m trying and this is one of my more manageable challenges in that department.  Once they’d had enough time to get a nice color and warm all the way through I took them off (it took about 6 minutes total – 1 before the honey and 5 face down over the flame).

image (24)


Then it was back inside for the fun part!  I took half a peach and placed it in a bowl, added a smallish scoop of vanilla ice cream and a pretty drizzle of caramel sauce.

image (23)

Once I took my pictures for the blog, I called the rest of the crew in to make their desserts.  Some followed my lead, others added enough caramel to make my teeth hurt, but to each their own.  Overall this was a great success and a new way to each peaches!


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