Snapshot Saturday – NASCAR


It’s that time again, and this week I’m really feeling my subject of choice, NASCAR!!  Why you wonder??  I’ll tell you!  It’s because we are up at the track in Loudon, New Hampshire for the race weekend!!!  That’s right, we are currently getting a bit of sunburn, wandering around out at all the booths and stands, listening to the roar of the engines, and even wandering around the Pits!!!  The only thing missing is that my dad isn’t here with us.  He was supposed to have joined us on this fun filled adventure, but sadly he passed away last month, so our good friend has joined us to celebrate his love of all things automotive and to cheer on his favorite driver, Kyle Busch.  (I personally like Dale Earnhardt, Jr., but Gwen and my Dad always did have a soft spot for those Rowdy souls amongst us.)  So in honor of my dad, and all the joy he found in traveling with us I’ve selected a picture of Gwen sitting behind the wheel of his favorite driver’s car.  We’ll all be lifting a glass and screaming really loud in your honor tomorrow.


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