Carried Away Again…

Ok, so I did a Pinterest project that I wasn’t so sure about the outcome and wanted to take another run at it… Which is just what I did!  I made this tray from some scrap fabric and a picture frame, but I didn’t really love the way it looked when I was finished.


I went back and reevaluated the final product, and decided that I didn’t like the way the fabric looked.  Now mind you I love the fabric and it is going to end up in my dining room in some manner, but not as part of this particular tray.  Once I decided what was bugging me, I set out to find an alternative…

I decided to go with something more personal and made a painted homage to our anniversary.

First I laid out the lettering (actually my Aunt Cindy did it for me, I was a bit busy).  Once I had a template, I traced the lettering with chalk onto my fabric.  Then I used some black fabric paint to go over the chalk.

image (19)

After the paint was dry, I cut the fabric to size to put it into the frame I had already turned into a tray.


Then I actually put it into the frame and sealed the back, so there wouldn’t be any loose strings.

image (20)

So, this is the new picture frame tray, what do you think?


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