Writing Little Love Notes

I’ve learned over time that one of the best ways to keep the love going in your relationship is to express yourself.  When I was surfing Pinterest (as usual) I found a really cute I Love You Because Sign… for sale on etsy.  However, I’m really picky and it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.  So I decided to try and make my own version and this is what I came up with:

First I went and got an inexpensive 8×10 frame, a piece of pretty scrapbook paper, 2 eye hooks, white curling ribbon and 2 dry erase markers.  Then I set about putting everything together.

I opened the frame.

image (50)

Then I used the backing to measure the scrapbook paper and cut it to size.

image (51)

Once it was cut, I wrote “i love you because…” on it in black magic marker.

image (54)

Then I put it back into the frame and closed the clips to secure the back.

image (53)

Once that was in tight, I attached an eye hook to each of the top corners.

image (3)  image

Then I attached a piece of ribbon to each hook and then tied the dry erase markers to the ribbons and taped it down so it wouldn’t slide out. When everything was all attached we tried it out and this is what we came up with…

image (4)  image (5)


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