Secret Hiding Places

This week’s Pinterest project is a throw back to a couple of other pieces I’ve made before… like the Harry Potter Anniversary Gift, the glowing page candles, and the now infamous book page coasters.  Why you ask?  Well, it’s because I’m reusing the same materials to make this project.  I got the idea from the Unbreakable Vows photo project I made a few weeks ago, and decided to use another book and make a secret hiding compartment inside.

There are a bunch of pins that give directions on how to hollow out a book.  But, you know me I’m not very good a following directions, so I really just winged it…

First I took a hard cover book that I’d gotten from amazon for a previous project.

image (41)

Then I picked how deep I wanted the section to be, and marked off my dimensions on the first page of the 2nd chapter.  Iwas trying to be sneaky and make the book look like something I was reading and not a hiding place.

image (40)

Then I took an exacto knife and a cutting board and went work.  I found that trying to go through more than 3-4 pages at a time made the edges rough.  Once I had made a deep enough hole (about 1 1/2 inches) I stopped and covered the inside edges with modge podge so that it wouldn’t fray or tear.

image (37)


Then I decided that it wouldn’t work if the outside edges weren’t sealed, because everything would just fall out if it got moved.

image (36)

Now I’m just going to figure out what I want to keep in it…


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