A Sticky Situation

So this week’s Pinterest project was less than successful.  I went into it with high hopes and good intentions; however, it was an abject failure.  Oh, I guess you want to know what I tried to make…

The Inspiration

I found this cool bowl one day while I was surfing Pinterest.  So, like many other pinners I added it to my “projects to do eventually” board and continued on with my life.  When I got back around to actually trying out the project it turned out that the pin led to a site that doesn’t exist anymore.  Where does that leave me?  Do I just abandon the project, or try and figure it out on my own?  Well, considering my slight disdain for following instructions and the apparent simplicity of the project I decided to try and work it out on my own.

First I gathered my supplies.

image (58)

Then I cut up the yarn I had chosen to use.  I went with a light brown and blue variegated yarn that coordinates with the colors of my living room.

image (57)   image (56)

Once I had an entire skein cut up, I wrapped the first bowl I tried to use in saran wrap and mixed a container of modge podge with an equal amount of water.

image (63)

Then I dipped the yarn in the gluey mixture and laid it out over the bowl.  I covered it in a cross-hatch type of pattern and let it dry.  I ran out of glue before I had covered the entire bowl and wasn’t really happy with the way it looked, but I let it be until the next morning.

image (62)

Let’s just say that once it was dry it didn’t look any better, so I scrapped that plan and tried something different.  I went with a different shape bowl, used 2 instead of 1, and tried a different yarn layout.

image (61)

the remnants of the first try…

image (60) image (49) image (48)

Once I had the bowls covered and the yarn laid out, I poured an entire bottle of modge podge onto the bowl.  I’m now certain that I used way too much modge podge.

image (47) image (55) image (53)

I let it dry.  For 2 whole days, I let it dry!  And it didn’t actually dry all the way through.

image (51)

This is what it looked like when I took the saran wrap and the bowls away. 

my less than successful Yarn Bowl

my less than successful Yarn Bowl

Let’s just say I am going to have to go back to the drawing board on this one…  I think I’m going to try it with a resin type of glue instead of modge podge.  It should dry faster and harder.



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5 responses to “A Sticky Situation

  1. A third attempt!
    I would’ve given up after the first.

  2. Love these. It looks easy but I bet it’s dead messy as well. I think your effort wasn’t bad. Maybe try really bright wool? Cheap acrylic might be best?

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