Quest to Read Them All – Two of a Kind

By now, you all know how much of a list maker I am.  (I am a Virgo after all it’s written in the stars that I’m on the anal side of life…)  So when I tell you that I had to rearrange my To Be Read list, because I just had to read the next installment in Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold Series you will understand just how much this book called to me!  So on my Quest to Read Them All I rearranged the order of my list and snuck Two of a Kind by Susan Mallery into the line up a bit early.

I’m a huge fan of Susan Mallery’s writing.  I have read almost everything that’s she has published, and I can honestly say this is my favorite book so far!  I really connected with Felicia.  Her insecurity and uncertainty touched me in a way that very few characters ever have.  The evolution of Felicia’s relationships, not just the one with Gideon, is very realistic.  The way that Ms. Mallery created a touching romance that was more of an evolution and a gradual realization was brilliant.

Another great aspect of this story was the way that the other people in the town are still present in the books.  While each story in the series is a stand alone romance, they are also part of a much larger series.  This particular book was full of great little pieces that connected the reader to the previous characters.  I’m really looking forward to the next few books in this series.  I want to know what happens with Ford & Kent.  I’d have been really annoyed if my mom had done what Denise Hendrix did at the 4th of July Festival!  How about you?


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