Counting the Days…

I’m such a geek – as if you hadn’t figured that out by now.  I get as excited as a child counting down the days until something major, like a vacation or holiday or closing on our new house.  That joy is why I chose this week’s Pinterest project.  I made this Countdown Plaque!

photo (2)

It was ridiculously easy!  I really enjoyed making this one too!

First I gathered my supplies.

image (18)

Then I sanded the 1″ x 6″ board that I had cut to 36 inches at my local hardware store.  Once it was nice and smooth, I base coated it with white spray paint.

image (16)   image (15)

While that was drying, I went inside and printed out the lettering I wanted to use for the sign.  Then I took the printout and used it to cut out the letters from clear contact paper.

image (27)

When everything was cut out, I laid the letters out on the sign and peeled the backing paper off and stuck them onto the wood.

image (26)

Next I sprayed the whole thing with 2 coats of black Chalkboard spray paint.

image (25)  image (24)

When it was completely dry, I peeled the contact paper letters off to reveal the white paint underneath.

image (23) image (22)  image (17)

After all the letters were removed, I laid out the hanging brackets evenly spaced out on the back and secured them.

image (21)   image (20)   image (19)

Now I can’t wait until I get to hang it up in our new house!

Did you find the hidden Mickey??

Did you find the hidden Mickey?



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