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Snapshot Saturday – Less Than 1 Week ’til Our Next Disney Vacation!!!

WooHoo!  I should totally be packing right now, or running last minute errands, or something like that, because we leave in less than a week for sunny Orlando, FL!  In less than 7 days we will be checking in at the Walt Disney World Resort for a fabulous, fun-filled, gastronomically amazing vacation!  I’m so very excited!  I have already double checked my camera and cannot wait to make use of it at my favorite Disney Park to take pictures – Animal Kingdom.

tree of life


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Quest to Read Them All – Garlic and Sapphires

I’m on a continuing quest to read every book I own and this week I found a book that I truly enjoyed.  I purchased a large number of books when Borders was going out of business, and I haven’t made enough time to read all of those books yet, so I started this quest.  One of the books that I purchased from Borders was:


I chose this book because I love both garlic and sapphires…  A rather silly reason to choose a book, but when you get to fill a bag with as many books as you can for $5, what difference does it make??  I was sad to see a bookstore close, but boy was that a fantastic sale!

This book was so surprising!  I really enjoyed learning about Ruth Reichl and her many interesting alter-egos.  I think Betty was my favorite.  I also enjoyed that she included recipes in the book instead of pictures.  It was an added bonus that I cannot wait to use in my kitchen.  However, my favorite part of the book was getting to experience the amazing restaurants of New York City!  It was so cool to step back in time and get to revisit some of the amazing places I went as a child, teen and young adult growing up on Long Island.  I was transported  back in time to a sizzling summer afternoon and a lovely  trip to the Boat Basin in Central Park followed by my very first meal at the faerie fantasy land that was Tavern on the Green.  (Don’t get me wrong, the food was absolutely not the best, but to a 9 year old the entire day with my grandmother and a fancy grown up dinner out was amazing!)  I loved learning of Ruth’s experiences and being able to compare to my own memories.  What a great book!  I may have to go back and find some of her other restaurant reviews and her other books.


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These Dogs Sure Are Barking…

I’m slowly, but surely working my way through my constantly increasing Pinterest Project list…  This week I turned an idea I saw on Pinterest as an item for sale on etsy into a DIY project.  I found a pin for a leash and treat holder, and since we just got a brand new puppy…


Paddy (10 weeks)

I now need (ok, want…) 2 of these 1 for each of our dogs.  The ones on Etsy are a bit out of our price range right now (hello, buying a house is freaking expensive).  So I made 2 of these cool leash holders for our new mudroom.

paddy's leash holder

They were pretty simple…

First I gathered all of my supplies – I purchased a 2 pack of bathrobe hooks, a 2 pack of large automotive hose clamps, 2 mason jars, and 2 wooden plaques from Michaels.  I also found a sponge brush, some acrylic paint, some screws, sand paper, an electric screwdriver, and chalk.

image (68)

The first thing I did was hit the computer and find an image of a paw print that I liked and laid out the lettering that I wanted.  I then printed the page out to use when I was ready.

Once I had everything all set, I sanded the plaques and then painted them the 2 colors we’d chosen.  We went with a blue for Paddy and purple for Murphy.

painting  image (79)

Once the plaques were dry, I took my printed lettering and paw prints and rubbed the chalk on the back of the page.  Then I traced the letters and graphic onto the plaque.  (This way is much less expensive then using carbon paper.)

image (78)  image (76)

When I had everything positioned the way I wanted (it took me 2 tries to get everything laid out the way I wanted, which is another reason I liked the chalk better), I painted the letters and print with black paint.

image (75)

When the lettering was dry on both plaques I attached the hook and the hose clamp.

attching hook  attaching hose clamp

Once I had the hose clamp secured to the plaque I put the mason jar in and tightened the clamp so that the  jar was secure.

Murphy's Leash Holder

The next step requires that we close on our new house and can hang these up in the mudroom, right next to the back door, fill them with the puppies’ favorite treats and hang up their leashes.  I can’t wait!!!!


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Tasty Tuesday – Baked Potato Wedges

This week has been a little hectic, so I didn’t want to experiment too much in the kitchen, but we are getting a bit tired of the same old potatoes.  That’s why I decided to try this recipe for Baked Potato Wedges that I found on Pinterest.  It was quick and easy and made a nice healthy(ish) side dish for dinner.

image (13)

First, I cleaned the potatoes.

image (49)

Then I cut the potatoes into wedges.

image (48)

I put them aside to soak for 35 minutes or so in ice cold water.

image (32)

Then I made the marinade by mixing paprika, garlic salt, sea salt and pepper.

image (39)   image (38)

Once I had the spices in the bag, I took the potatoes out of the water and patted them dry.

image (37)

Then I added the potatoes and the olive oil and smushed everything around.

image (25)

After they were all coated I placed them on a parchment covered jelly roll pan and stuck them in the oven for 30-40 minutes.

image (20)   image (19)

Man were they yummy…

image (61)

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Snapshot Saturday – 2 Weeks ’til Our Next Disney Vacation!!

This month I have chosen to dedicate my Snapshot Saturday posts to counting down until our next trip to the happiest place on Earth!!!  Walt Disney World!  However, this week I’m not actually going to follow through with that plan.  I’m going to post snapshots from the 2 places that we are planning to go that are off property…

The first shot is from the last time we went to Universal Studios in December of 2009, and it is the anticipatory sign for the soon to be opened Harry Potter Land.  I can’t wait!!!  I feel like a kid I’m so excited!

hp reveal

the date on the photo is wrong

The second picture is one I’m really proud of, any one who has taken photos of moving objects knows just how hard it is to time the shot perfectly and that is exactly what happened with this photo.  It’s from a trip to Sea World we took with my dad in March of 2012.  It makes me think of him every time I see it…


the date on the photo is wrong




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Quest to Read Them All – Three Little Words

I am continuing on with my Quest to Read Them All, and this week’s installment, Three Little Words is the third book Susan Mallery released this summer in her ongoing Fool’s Gold Series.  I love all of the books she’s written about the citizens of Fool’s Gold, and this one was just as much fun as all the rest.

Now, any of you other Fool’s Gold Fans know that we’ve been waiting years for Ford Hendrix to come home and settle down.  Three Little Words is the book where we get our wish.  In fact, this is the book where the final two Hendrix children find love.  I’m not going to give away all the details, but let me tell you that Ms. Mallery delivers her audience with a great story of love and support.  We get the main story, along with the subplot featuring Kent Hendrix, and lots of great hints as to what’s coming next for the other people in town!  I can’t wait to read about Taryn, Jack and Scott next year, but before we get to learn about them we still have Noelle and Ana Raquel’s love lives to sort out!

I’m really looking forward to reading the embedded love story in the Fool’s Gold Cookbook and Christmas on 4th Street!

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Let’s get Down and Dirty!

This week’s Pinterest project is another quickie for our new house!  I saw this dishwasher magnet on Pinterest and realized just how helpful it will be in our kitchen.  That is of course if Gwen can remember to change it when she’s done emptying or filling the sucker.

It was a pretty simple project, and relatively inexpensive.  I already had the Scrabble tiles from the coaster project I did earlier this year.  I always have glue on hand, so I only had to buy the magnet roll for the back of the project (which is going to come in very handy for what I’m planning to do with the remaining Scrabble tiles).

dirty/clean supplies

Once I had gathered everything together, I selected the tiles I needed to spell “dirty” and “clean.”  Pretty straight forward, right?

picking letters

Then I laid them out so they were facing opposing directions

image (120)

and glued the tiles together.

image (117)

Once it was dry (I let it sit over night, so it was completely set) I put the magnet strips on the back.  The magnet came with peel and stick adhesive and was easily cut with regular scissors.

magnet on the back

How easy was that???  This is going on my brand new dishwasher, just as soon as we actually get to close on our house…

image (121)

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