We’re Going to Have to Shelve that Discussion for Now…

This week’s Pinterest project is another piece I hope to use in my new home.  This one is magazine rack for my office/library.  I wasn’t in love with the design on the sample, so I modified it to work with my esthetic.  We are planning on having an industrial style office set up with reclaim/raw wood and black metal pipe shelves with a desk built in.  So, instead of using the traditional scroll work shelf brackets I switched to a more industrial looking bracket.

First I gathered my materials.

image (75)

(2 sets of metal shelf brackets, 4 wood screws, a sanding block, natural finish wood stain, 2 24″ 1″x12″ pieces of wood.

I sanded the boards so there were no rough edges or gouges in the wood.

image (74)

Once everything was smooth, I lined up the 2 pieces of wood to figure out where to insert the screws to secure the 2 pieces together.  When I had the screws marked, I pre-drilled the holes, and then secured the 2 pieces of wood together with the 4 evenly spaced screws.

image (81)  image (80)  image (73)

When I had the actual shelf made, I set the brackets, and secured them with the shorter screws that came with the brackets.

image (78)  image (77)

Here’s what the shelf looks like staged…

image (76)


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