Tasty Tuesday – Stuffed Steak

I found this interesting recipe for Rolled Stuffed Steak on Pinterest, and decided I would serve it at a fun family gathering, and boy was it a hit!

The recipe was pretty straight forward. I used a 2 pound flank steak, bacon, blue cheese, chopped spinach, cooking twine, salt, pepper, cooking spray, and garlic.  This isn’t exactly what the recipe called for, but I’m not so good at following directions to the letter.

First I pre-cooked the bacon.

image (33)

Then I chopped it up, and defrosted the chopped spinach.  While I was waiting on the spinach and bacon, I butterflied the steak.  That means I cut it open like a book, but not all the way through.

image (35)

Once it was cut, I laid it open, and spread the bacon out on it.

image (27)

Then I added the Blue Cheese crumbles, salt, pepper, and garlic.

image (26)

Next came the chopped spinach

image (24)

Once everything was all spread out, I rolled the meat (like a sleeping bag) and tied it up.

image (29)

Then it was off to a 425 degree oven to bake for 35 minutes.  Followed by a quick (10 minute) trip to the broiler.  This is the finished product!

image (60)

I let it rest for a few minutes, removed the string, put it on a platter and served it to rave reviews!  My family likes their meat medium rare, so if you like it a bit more well done, I suggest that you bake it for a few more minutes.



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