Time to start saving for our next vacation…

This week’s Pinterest project is not exactly like the example, but I did try and follow the general intentions of the project.  I really used it as a jumping off point to design the project I really wanted…

I found this pin for a Disney Stache Jar,

and liked the idea, but I’m not crazy about the whole mustache thing, so I decided to change things up…

I went with something that would fit better with my home decor, so I chose a square jar and simple black glass paint.

image (3)

I also modified the words that I used on the jar.  I made it say “Vacation Fund” in the Walter font (which is the free version of the Disney font).  I chose to do this, because while we are probably going to use the savings for our next trip to Disney, you never know where we may end up going next…

Once I had my words laid out, I cut them out and taped the stencil to the inside of the jar, so I could trace the words in paint.

image (2)

Then I traced the letters with a skinny round brush and my black glass paint.


I let it dry, removed the stencil and filled in any voids in the paint.

image (4)

This is my end result with the beginnings of next year’s vacation fund already growing inside…

photo (7)


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