Let’s get Down and Dirty!

This week’s Pinterest project is another quickie for our new house!  I saw this dishwasher magnet on Pinterest and realized just how helpful it will be in our kitchen.  That is of course if Gwen can remember to change it when she’s done emptying or filling the sucker.

It was a pretty simple project, and relatively inexpensive.  I already had the Scrabble tiles from the coaster project I did earlier this year.  I always have glue on hand, so I only had to buy the magnet roll for the back of the project (which is going to come in very handy for what I’m planning to do with the remaining Scrabble tiles).

dirty/clean supplies

Once I had gathered everything together, I selected the tiles I needed to spell “dirty” and “clean.”  Pretty straight forward, right?

picking letters

Then I laid them out so they were facing opposing directions

image (120)

and glued the tiles together.

image (117)

Once it was dry (I let it sit over night, so it was completely set) I put the magnet strips on the back.  The magnet came with peel and stick adhesive and was easily cut with regular scissors.

magnet on the back

How easy was that???  This is going on my brand new dishwasher, just as soon as we actually get to close on our house…

image (121)


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