Snapshot Saturday – 2 Weeks ’til Our Next Disney Vacation!!

This month I have chosen to dedicate my Snapshot Saturday posts to counting down until our next trip to the happiest place on Earth!!!  Walt Disney World!  However, this week I’m not actually going to follow through with that plan.  I’m going to post snapshots from the 2 places that we are planning to go that are off property…

The first shot is from the last time we went to Universal Studios in December of 2009, and it is the anticipatory sign for the soon to be opened Harry Potter Land.  I can’t wait!!!  I feel like a kid I’m so excited!

hp reveal

the date on the photo is wrong

The second picture is one I’m really proud of, any one who has taken photos of moving objects knows just how hard it is to time the shot perfectly and that is exactly what happened with this photo.  It’s from a trip to Sea World we took with my dad in March of 2012.  It makes me think of him every time I see it…


the date on the photo is wrong





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