Quest to Read Them All – Garlic and Sapphires

I’m on a continuing quest to read every book I own and this week I found a book that I truly enjoyed.  I purchased a large number of books when Borders was going out of business, and I haven’t made enough time to read all of those books yet, so I started this quest.  One of the books that I purchased from Borders was:


I chose this book because I love both garlic and sapphires…  A rather silly reason to choose a book, but when you get to fill a bag with as many books as you can for $5, what difference does it make??  I was sad to see a bookstore close, but boy was that a fantastic sale!

This book was so surprising!  I really enjoyed learning about Ruth Reichl and her many interesting alter-egos.  I think Betty was my favorite.  I also enjoyed that she included recipes in the book instead of pictures.  It was an added bonus that I cannot wait to use in my kitchen.  However, my favorite part of the book was getting to experience the amazing restaurants of New York City!  It was so cool to step back in time and get to revisit some of the amazing places I went as a child, teen and young adult growing up on Long Island.  I was transported  back in time to a sizzling summer afternoon and a lovely  trip to the Boat Basin in Central Park followed by my very first meal at the faerie fantasy land that was Tavern on the Green.  (Don’t get me wrong, the food was absolutely not the best, but to a 9 year old the entire day with my grandmother and a fancy grown up dinner out was amazing!)  I loved learning of Ruth’s experiences and being able to compare to my own memories.  What a great book!  I may have to go back and find some of her other restaurant reviews and her other books.



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