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Ghostly Family Post

This week marks the final Halloween Craft for the year.  I found the idea for this gaggle of ghosts on Pinterest.

ghost family

Aren’t they adorable?  And they were really easy to make.

First we gathered the materials: 1 4×4 post cut into 7 pieces at my local hardware superstore, white paint, a sharpie, black craft paint, sponge brushes, and a regular paint brush.

ghostly supplies

Then we base coated the posts in white paint, and let them dry.

base coating 1  base coating 2

Once everything was dry, we drew the faces on each post with a sharpie and filled them in with black paint.

sharpie faces  face painting

Then we put them out on the porch and left them to dry.

ghost family


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Tasty Tuesday – Slow Cooker Lemon Garlic Chicken

It’s back!  I still don’t have a functional kitchen, but I do need to feed my family.  Which led to a bit of recipe research, I was looking for something I could make with no stove.  All my cookbooks are still in boxes, but I found a couple of interesting slow cooker recipes on Pinterest.   Which lead me to dig out my crock pot and head to the grocery store.  The recipe I found for this week was for Slow Cooker Lemon Garlic Chicken.

I gathered the recipe’s supplies – a whole chicken, some fresh rosemary, 4 lemons, and 3 heads of garlic.  Then I gathered the items I was going to use to supplement the meal – small read potatoes and white wine.


Once I had everything together, I followed the instructions from the recipe.  I cut up the lemons and put some in the bottom of the crock pot.

image (151)

Then I halved two of the heads of garlic, and put them into the crock pot.

image (150)

Then I added several sprigs of fresh rosemary.

image (149)

Once that was all in the crock pot, I washed the chicken and seasoned it with salt and cracked black pepper.  I also put half a lemon and half a head of garlic into the cavity of the chicken.  Once it was stuffed I put it into the crock pot.

image (147)

Then I modified the recipe slightly by cutting up a bunch of small red potatoes and adding those to the pot.

image (146)

Along with some more rosemary and the rest of the lemons.

image (144)

Then I added a 1/2 cup of white wine, set the crock pot to low and left it alone for 6 hours.  So, while I wasn’t looking someone turned the heat up and the lemon and garlic on the bottom burned and gave the chicken and potatoes a bad flavor.  I am going to have to try the recipe again, and make sure it was just the unforeseen temperature change that made the meal taste off, because it came out looking great.

image (143)

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Snapshot Saturday – Footprints

paw prints

Today’s snapshot is meaningful in so many ways!  These prints belong to Murphy, he is our 6 year old pug.  We got him a little brother, Paddy (a Puggle), in the beginning of September.  Today we are picking up the third piece of our family puzzle, Harley (another Puggle)!  Thankfully our house is almost liveable, because a 3 flight walk-up with 2 puppies is just not going to be fun…

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Quest to Read Them All – Ahab’s Wife

This week’s entry on my Quest to Read Them All is a borrowed book.  Which I guess, makes it not one of my books, but I read it based on a friend’s suggestion.  I wouldn’t have read it except that Pam recommended it.  I really didn’t like Moby Dick and I’m not a fan of the rambling style of some first person narratives, but she loved Ahab’s Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund, so I gave it my best shot.

I made it through the book, and there were a couple of interesting aspects, but it just didn’t draw me in like some books can.  I wasn’t a fan of the way that the narrator’s voice was presented, which to me completely defeated the purpose of the book.  It was an interesting concept, and there are a couple of other books written in this style that I might look into in the future (like The Paris Wife, which centers around Hemingway’s wife), but this one was not as engaging as I had hoped.  I also enjoyed the reference to the writer Henry James as a child on Long Island (which is where I originally came from).  I love finding interesting things within works that I otherwise wouldn’t have enjoyed.

Now on to the next book on the list…

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Halloween Crafts – Jack ‘o’ Jars

This week’s Halloween craft was very cool!  I found it on Pinterest (as usual), and it was a really straightforward set of directions for Mason Jar Jack ‘o’ Lantern.

I don’t follow directions very well, but there were only three on this project – so it was a little easier.  The first step was to gather up the supplies (empty jars, black glass paint, colored glass paint, wire cutters, paintbrushes, coated black 20 gauge wire).

photo 2 (3)

Once I had everything gathered together, I washed the jars…

photo 1 (3)

Once the jars were completely dry, I tried to paint the faces on the inside of the jars, but I didn’t like how they came out.

image (11)

So I scrapped that and painted the inside of the jars in several Halloween colors.

image (4)   image (3)

When they were dry, I painted Jack ‘o’ Lantern faces on the outside of each of the jars.  Once everything was dry, I measured the wire to make the handles.  I took one piece of wire and wrapped it around the top lip of the jar and twisted the ends together.  Then I took a second piece and attached one end to the left side of the wire on the jar and the other to the right side.

image (6)

I didn’t put handles on all the jars.  They are came out pretty cool.  I think I’m going to put tea light candles in them and put them in the dining room window.

image (5)

I like the green one best… Which one is your favorite?


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Snapshot Saturday – Boom!

I’m elbow deep in home renovations and it feels like an explosion went off in our new house!  So that made me remember fondly our most recent trip to Walt Disney World, and watching the fireworks on the roof of the Contemporary Resort.

Contemporary Fireworks

I love watching the fireworks from this roof top vantage.  I will never be able to watch the show without remembering my dad!

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Quest to Read Them All – Fiance By Friday

I really love when I manage to squeeze a newer book into the order on my Quest to Read Them All!  This week’s installment is:

I love Catherine Bybee’s stories!  I don’t even remember how I stumbled across her books, but I am completely hooked at this point.  It took every ounce of self control I had to wait as long as I did to read this book.

This is the 3rd book in Ms. Bybee’s Weekday Brides Series.  This book follows Lady Gwen Harrison and retired Marine turned Security Expert Neil MacBain on an amazing journey of realization.  They have been dancing around their attraction for the last two books, but they found each other and all that they had to offer in this remarkable tale of determination, love and intrigue.  We also got to reconnect with Sam and Blake and Carter and Eliza.  I really enjoy books that are written in series, because they give the readers a chance to follow up on the characters that were so engaging in the previous books and encouraged them to read something else by the same author.  Ms. Bybee has absolutely mastered that art!

I cannot wait for Karen’s story Single by Saturday which comes out January 7, 2014.


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