These are a Little Candy Corny

It’s October, so I’ve decided to devote the next few weeks worth of Pinterest craft projects to Halloween…  The first one I chose was for Candy Corn Wine Bottle Vases.

halloween decorations 1

This was a really straight forward project.  First I gathered my supplies.  I used 3 empty wine bottles, yellow spray paint, orange spray paint, white spray paint, clear glaze, and some clearance silk flowers.

corny vase supplies

I cleaned the wine bottles and removed all of the stickers and glue from the exterior of the bottles.  Then I coated all 3 bottles in white spray paint.

corny vase 1st coat  corny vase 1st coat 2

Then I let them dry completely.  Once they were totally dry I covered all 3 bottles 2/3 of the way up with yellow.

image (140)

Once the yellow was dry I came back and covered the bottom 1/3 with the orange paint.

image (143)  image (136)

When all 3 colors were completely dry I sprayed them with a clear glaze to prevent chipping.

image (137)

When the glaze was dry, I cut down and added the silk flowers.

halloween decorations 1

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know that I’m not so good at following directions exactly.  So, my final product is slightly different than the one I found on Pinterest.  The bottom color on Pinterest was yellow, I made it orange.  Can anyone tell me which is correct?  Is candy corn white-yellow- orange or white-orange-yellow?


I’m not the best at following directions exactly, so my final product looks different than the ones I found on Pinterest.  (I put the orange on the bottom, they had the yellow.)


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