Quest to Read Them All – The Wizard of Oz

I’m officially 1/4 done with my mini-quest to reread one book a month from my childhood!  I’m very pleased to have stuck with this and my larger Quest to Read Them All.  This month’s children’s book of choice was L.Frank Baum’s classic The Wizard of Oz.


This was my first experience with a book and a movie not being true to each other.  I was rather young when I first saw the Wizard of Oz on television.  It was some holiday or other and my whole family was hanging out watching television between dinner and dessert, when the show came on and I was completely captivated.  I wanted to know more, and found out that there was a book behind this movie.  I had always been a voracious reader and was so excited to get to visit Oz again.  But, boy was I in for a huge shock when I actually started reading.  I was literally furious when I found out the shoes weren’t red in the book, but silver!  It was devastating to a 6 year old!  I’ve always been a list maker, so as I was reading I made a list of the differences between the book and the movie.  I was flabbergasted with the number of disparities.   I have since gotten over my shock, and accepted that the screenwriters took some creative license but had actually stayed pretty true to heart of the story.  This time around, I was more interested in the other adventures and experiences that Oz had to offer.  I am looking forward to reading more of Baum’s writing.

We all know there are many movies that don’t match the books they were based on, which ones came the closest and which are totally different?


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