Tasty Tuesday – Peach Crositini

This week’s kitchen experiment comes from a recipe I found on Pinterest.  I’m starting to look for my holiday recipes, so I’m going to be experimenting with some appetizers for the next few weeks.  One of our standby party appetizers is Bruschetta Crostini, which is Bruschetta (tomatoes mixed with onion and Italian spices) on top of toasted baguette rounds.  It’s very popular and totally great for an appetizer, but I don’t like tomatoes.  So, I’m trying to find something to serve instead, but that works the same way.  I found this interesting recipe for Peach & Blue Cheese topped Crostini, and decided to try it out.

They came out really great, but I probably won’t be able to serve them at the holidays, but it seems like a good place to start.  I think I might try and change it up with some apples instead of peaches.

image (42)

The recipe was pretty straight forward.  I started with a mini baguette, a large ripe peach, olive oil, crumbled blue cheese, and honey.

First I cut up the baguette.  I cut it into small slices on the diagonal.  Then I spread it out on a jelly roll pan and drizzled the top with olive oil.  Then I put it into a 350 degree oven for 7 minutes.

image (43)

While it was baking, I cut up the peach.

image (44)

When I took the bread out of the oven, the recipe said to rub fresh garlic on each piece, but I decided to skip that step and started assembling the bites.

image (46)

Then Blue Cheese crumbles

Then Blue Cheese crumbles

Once everything was assembled I put it back into the oven and cooked it for another  minutes, so the cheese would get all melty.  When I took them out I transferred them to a serving tray and drizzled the tops with honey to finish them off.

image (42)

They were ridiculously yummy and there were no leftovers, so I will add these to the Summer party rotation when peaches are more in season.


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