Let the Drinking Commence…

The 2nd Halloween Pinterest project of October is a take on Dripping Wine Glasses.  I liked the way the glasses looked, but the pin was hard to follow, so I improvised.

Drippy Glasses

I went to our local thrift store (Anny Ann’s) and found some inexpensive matching wine glasses.  Then I went to the craft store and found some glass paint that came in a bottle with a nozzle.  That was all the supplies I would need for this cool craft.

drippy supplies

First I washed and dried the glasses.  Then I turned them over and squeezed on the paint and waited for it to drip.

image (145)

Let’s just say that wasn’t a successful endeavor.  The paint was really thick and wasn’t running like I wanted.  I was not happy with the results, and decided that I’d just apply the paint to look like it had dripped.

drippy 2

Then I let them dry according to the directions on the paint.  If I let them set for 10 days they should be totally washable.

drippy glasses 3

Next time I think I’m going to try and thin the paint out, so that it will actually drip by itself.


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