Tasty Tuesday Temporary Hiatus

I’m really sad to say that this week’s Tasty Tuesday installment has been postponed.  Hopefully I will be able to complete the recipe tomorrow, but I was not able to make it work today. We finally closed on our house, returned from vacation and have started fixing everything up.  Regrettably, the kitchen is not yet usable.  Our new house is an absolute fixer upper, and the kitchen is in great need of some serious love and attention.

photo 1 (2)     photo 2 (2)

Hopefully the Water Authority will arrive as scheduled (between 7:30 & 12:30) tomorrow morning, so I can attempt to cook something in my mostly unusable kitchen.  We started the rehab endeavors yesterday, and are making steady progress, but the kitchen isn’t our top priority – mostly because we have to wait for the water to be turned on and for the plumber to fix the pipes and replace the furnace.


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