All Tied Up!

We’ve made it to the 3rd week of Halloween crafts!  This week’s Pinterest project was a Cool Door Wreath.  It was a pretty straightforward project.  I didn’t follow the directions at all, but I completely ran with the idea.

halloween door wreath

I gathered my supplies – duck tape, gray foam pipe insulation, scissors, various rolls of 1″ Halloween ribbon, 1 roll 3″ Halloween ribbon.

First I made my own wreath form.  I took a piece of pre-cut 3 foot long 3/8′ pipe insulation and formed it into a circle and secured the two ends with duck tape.

duck tape ends  wreath form

Once I had my wreath form made, I measured the 1″ ribbon length around the foam and cut about a million pieces of ribbon.  It was probably closer to 150 ribbons, but it seemed like millions of them.

measuring the ribbon  image (154)

Once I had the ribbon pieces cut I started tying them around the wreath.  I made sure to use a dark colored ribbon on top of the duck tape seem, but the rest were secured in a completely random order.

the beginning  the middle

I didn’t get all fancy with my knots.  I simply wrapped the ribbon around once and double knotted it.  Once I had the entire wreath form covered in ribbon, I cut a 2 foot piece of 3″ ribbon to make a bow and hanger.  I wrapped the wide ribbon around the wreath, left an 8″ drop and made a standard ribbon bow.

halloween door wreath

This is the finished product, and I really like it.  I can’t wait to make another one for the next holiday.  If I have time I may do one for Thanksgiving, but definitely Christmas!


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