Squeezing Everyone Onto One Bench

So this week’s Pinterest project was lots of fun, and it has created a fabulous project for our new house (in more than one way)!  Our new house has something none of our other homes has every had… a front porch!  I love porches and have always wanted a house with one; however, I have found that they need furniture or they are just wasted space.  I hate wasted space, but we have a seriously anemic budget these days.  Which sent me off to Pinterest looking for crafty-type projects that we could use to make our brand new (to us) porch usable.  I found several pins of benches that I loved.

The only problem, none of them had directions – grumble.  Which meant that we had to be creative, so I guess that’s a good thing, right?

First we found three old chairs (all of the seat bottoms were split and they were in the to be donated pile).  Then we removed the broken seat bottoms.

photo 3 (10)    photo 4 (8)

Then we lined all 3 chairs up together, and secured the front legs with wood screws.  We measured for screw placement, lined everything up, added a bit of glue for added security and set the screws from either side of the middle chair’s legs.  The screws were also countersunk, so they wouldn’t be as exposed and likely to snag on someone’s pants.

photo 4 (9)  photo 3 (12)

We then measured the finished length of the bench and let the glue dry overnight, while we made a run to the local hardware store.  We grabbed a piece of 3/4 inch plywood (to use as the bench seat) and some dark walnut stain to match the color of the chairs.

The next morning we secured the (pre-cut) piece of wood to the top of the chairs using the screws and holes from the original seat bottoms.

photo 5 (6)  photo 4 (10)

Once it was attached we realized that the edges were to harsh for the look we wanted and that the plywood needed to be trimmed.  We used a circular saw to trim about an inch from the front of the bench, and then used a jig saw to add the curved edges to the sides.

photo 1 (14)  photo 3 (13)

When the cuts were completed we sanded everything down, so it was nice and smooth – no one wants to get a splinter in their tush.

photo 1 (10)  photo 2 (10)  photo 3 (9)

Now it was ready for stain.  Staining is a quick and easy process.  You wipe it on, let it set for a bit, then wipe it off.


Once it was dry, we put it out on the porch.


Look, it even weathered our first snow of the season.  It needs a cushion, but we’re still working on that.  Sewing is not my strong suit…


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