Counting on a House

I never spent much time thinking about house numbers before I became a homeowner.  Now, this is by no stretch my first place, but I’ve generally lived in an apartment or with someone.  That meant I wasn’t responsible for the proper labeling of the domicile according to the city/town and the Post Office.  Now I am… grrrr.

Which is what brought on this week’s Pinterest project.  When we bought our house it needed lots of work.  I mean lets face it, the only house we could really afford was a fixer-upper.  So we’ve been making slow and steady progress on the needed repairs, and making this house our home.  I wasn’t planning to tackle any of the exterior work until the Spring, when we had replenished our coffers and could afford to get some professional help.  However, the Post Office had other plans (or should I say demands).  I was informed that my mailbox was inaccessible and that our house needed to be numbered clearly.  Well, excuse me.  I have a PO Box, so I didn’t even think about the mail box, but I guess formal notice trumps my bank account and this became a minor priority.

Now, I don’t disagree with the notice, there were no clearly visible numbers on the house and the mailbox wasn’t easy to reach.  So I set off to my Projecty Type Stuff Board on Pinterest and found some inspiration for “Clearly Visible” house numbers.  (The inaccessibility of the mailbox was remedied by cutting down a bush in front of the porch.)

Our house is white, so we decided to go with a dark background, and lighter numbers.  There were no directions attached to the pin (I really hate when that happens), but it looked fairly self explanatory.  We headed off to the local home improvement superstore and the local craft store.  They have begun to recognize us at both of these stores, it’s getting scary how often we end up there…

We gathered our supplies – 4 small wooden plaques (they were $1 each), 4 medium metal house numbers, hanger brackets, wood stain, and screws to mount the numbers.  All in all, we managed to keep the expense minimal – not bad for an unexpected project.

photo 3 (18)

We gave the plaques a quick sanding, and then stained them a dark walnut (we already had the stain from the bench we made earlier this month).

photo 2 (20)  photo 1 (19)

Once the stain was dry (we let it sit overnight), I attached the hangers.  They were standard picture frame claws, which we also already had on hand.

photo 1 (16)

Then I attached the house numbers.  One number centered on the front of each plaque.

photo 2 (19)  photo 3 (17)

Then they were ready to be installed on the exterior of the house.  We are lucky that the front of our house has wood cladding, so we could attach the numbers with screws.  I have no idea how to do this if you have aluminum siding.

photo (8)

Not too shabby for a quick fix…



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