Tasty Tuesday – Cranberry Lime Vodka

I know that everyone, and their brother (at least in the United States), is cooking up a storm this week.  So, I decided to steer clear of anything that might involve using a stove, but that would still qualify as seasonally appropriate and festive.  I found the idea on Pinterest (of course) and have had success with similar projects/recipes in the past.  The pin I found was for Cranberry Lime Vodka,  this is one of Gwen’s favorite drinks, so it seemed like a great plan!

First I gathered my supplies…

photo (6)

Then I washed the 2 bags of cranberries.  After they were clean, I punctured the individual cranberries and put them in the carafe I chose for the final product.  I used the sharp end of a wine opener and the pointy side of a vegetable peeler.

photo 1 (10)

I chose to add the lime peel at even intervals throughout the bottle.  I used a peeler to remove the skin, but not too much of the pith, from one of the 3 limes and put it into the carafe.

photo 3 (8)  photo 5 (8)

Then I added more cranberries, and lime peel until I reached the fill line on the bottle.  At which point I added the vodka.  Gwen is partial to Absolut, but you can use any brand of vodka.

photo 2 (9)

Once it was full, I put the lid on and labeled the bottle.

photo 5 (7)

Within 24 hour the vodka had turned a great cranberry color, and taken on a nice hint of lime.


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