Framing Memories…

I got the inspiration for this week’s project from Pinterest, and from updating the super creepy bathroom in our new house…

I found a pin for an old window turned into a picture frame for sale on Pinterest, but considering we are elbow deep in renovating our new-to-us house I couldn’t afford to just buy it on a whim.  Living on a strict budget is not so much fun…

Except, the universe must’ve been smiling on me, because I found a Shutterfly coupon for a free enlarged picture and we removed (relocated and replaced, too) an old window when we started redoing the bathroom.  So I had the perfect way to create my own version of the frame I wanted, on my budget.

First I ordered the enlarged print – it is a shot of the triple rainbow we saw on the day my dad passed.  While we were waiting for the print to arrive the contractor removed the window.  When I had those items in hand, I gathered the rest of my supplies.

photo 1 (18)

I removed the handle from the old window.

photo 2 (18)

Then cleaned both sides very well.

photo 4 (14)

Then I attached an eye hook in the center of each of the shorter sides of the window.

photo 1 (15)

Once they were both secured, I attached a metal wire to each hook.  (These came out of one of those neat “picture hanging kits.”)

photo 4 (12)

Now that I had the window set up as a picture frame, it was time to set the photo into the frame.  I laid it down and lined everything up.  Then I used double sided tape to secure the photo to the glass.

photo 2 (16)   photo 4 (13)   photo 5 (9)

When everything was all secured, I hung it up in my living room.

photo 3 (16)

I love how it turned out!  This is one of the last few touches that our living room needs to be finished!!


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