Putting our Puppy Prints on the Christmas Tree

Last week we talked about two ornaments we made for our Christmas tree, but those weren’t the only ones that were missing.  We needed to pay homage to all of the furry members of our family!  So, I went to check out Pinterest, and found this ornament and the directions on how to make it…

We decided that we liked the style of the ornament, but didn’t want to make the extra decorations.  This was our first time working with Sculpey clay and  making that bone & candy cane just seemed like it was out of reach.  (This time around…)

First we gathered our supplies:  3 colors of Sculpey clay (we have 3 dogs, so we needed 3 colors to be able to easily identify which paw print belongs to which dog), a nail, Sculpey glaze, ribbon, an oven, a cookie sheet covered in parchment, and a paintbrush.

photo 1 (4)

Once we had everything together, I preheated the oven to 275 degrees.  Then we assigned the colors to the appropriate dog (Paddy got blue, Murphy got purple and Harley got black) and started working the clay to get it malleable enough to make an impression of their paws.  The black clay was the hardest to soften.  Unlike the 1st House Ornament where we used 2 bars of the clay, we used all 4 bars for each of these.

working the blue clay

be careful it will stain your hands…

working the purple clay  working the black clay

Once it was soft enough, we formed a thick pancake like shape out of the clay, and made an imprint of each dog’s paw in their color  clay.

photo 3

Once the print was in the clay, we used a nail to make a hole for the ribbon to hang the ornament and to write the dog’s initials on their ornament.

puppy initials

Then we traced the paw print with the nail to make it more noticeable, because the color clay we used was so dark and it was hard to see the prints.

tracing the print

When all three were done, it was time to put them in the oven to bake.  The blue and purple ones took 15 minutes and the black one needed to stay in the oven for an extra 15 minutes (30 minutes total).

oven ready  baking away

When they were done, we took them out and let them cool over night, so that we could glaze them without an issue.

glazing murphy's ornament

We glazed each side of each ornament and let them dry for 30 minutes between coats.  When they were dry, it was time to thread the ribbon through to make the hanger for each.

making the hanger

Then it was time to put them all up on the tree.

Murphy's ornament  Harley's ornament  Paddy's ornament

What do you think?  What kind of ornament should we make next?



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