Merry Mail

OK, perhaps the timing of this post is a bit late, but the project was completed to fill a need in our home this holiday season.  I had made a clothes pin Christmas card wreath last year, but it got broken as the decorations were getting packed away.  So, as I realized that we now had no where to display our Christmas cards, I headed to Pinterest to find a new Christmas card display.

This is the one I chose.  First I gathered the supplies I needed:  a piece of wood 6″ tall x 24″ wide, red paint, white paint, green paint, silver paint, a black paint pen, 1″ wide Christmas ribbon, an electric stapler, 1/2″ wide glittered ribbon, clothes pins, colored chalk, a pen, my computer and printer.

When I had everything together, I sanded the board and base coated it in white paint.

base coating for merry mail

While that was drying I headed to the computer and made a sign on MS Word that read “Merry Mail” and printed it out.

photo 1 (2)

Then I cut the page in half and used colored chalk to cover the back of the lettering creating a transfer stencil.

making a chalk stencil

I set that aside and used pouncers (round sponge brushes of varying sizes) to make the polka dots on the sign.  I made several dots of each size in red, green and silver across the white back ground.  I decided to have a few of the dots overlap and others hang off the edges of the board.

making polka dots

When that was dry, I used the chalk stencil to transfer the words onto the front of the sign.  With the chalk on the back of the paper, I used a pen to trace around the letters on the front of the page.

photo 3 (2)

When I had the chalk outline to work with, I used a black paint pen to fill in the letters.

photo 4

I then set it aside to dry and cut the ribbons to length.  I used the 3 types of 1″ ribbon to hang from the bottom to attach the cards and the 1/2″ ribbon to hang the sign.

cutting the ribbon

Then I used an electric stapler to attach the ribbons.  I hung the 3 colored lengths from the bottom of the sign, spaced evenly across the board.

stapling the ribbon

This is the finished product, before I hung the cards on it and put it up in our dining room.

photo 4 (3)

How do you show off your holiday cards?


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