Thirsty Thursday – Flavored Water

The new year brings new beginnings, new possibilities, and new motivation… at least for me it does.  In 2014 I hope to do many things!  Travel, grow my blog, continue my education, make my house a more complete home, foster growing friendships and develop new ones, improve my financial situation, expand my culinary repertoire, explore new things, love better and be healthier.  Sound good?  I’m not a big fan of resolutions, but I am an advocate of change and personal growth; which has lead me to this post…

I am introducing 2 new weekly posts to my blog for 2014 – Thirsty Thursdays and Sunday Sweets.  The titles seem to speak for themselves, don’t they?  I enjoyed the Tasty Tuesday entries from December (all concentrating on Desserts/Sweets) so much that I decided I wanted to keep going with them, but I also didn’t want to stop trying out new savory recipes, which gave me my theme for Sundays.  Thursdays on the other hand are something I’ve been toying with for a while now.  We are working on our new home, and one of the things we are hoping to put together soon is a sort of bar area for our dining room.   That being said, I want to expand my drink repertoire and Pinterest has all these cool cocktails and other beverages, so I have a plethora of ideas at my fingertips to explore… We shall see where these new topics take us in the future.

Despite all of those thoughts of bars and alcohol, this week’s entry is more about finding healthier alternatives to sugary juices and drinks.  As I mentioned earlier, one of my goals for this coming year is to be healthier.  This means that I have to make some additional lifestyle changes (I’m not so sure I can handle that many more after the past 6 months of remarkable upheaval, but hey you never know unless you try).  So the first change I’m going to make is to drink more water, sounds easy, right?  The problem is I don’t like the taste (or lack there of) of plain old boring water, and drinking prepackaged flavored water kind of defeats the purpose of drinking water, because it adds unnecessary chemicals and sweeteners.  So I headed over to Pinterest (where else?) to explore my options.  I found a bunch of ideas, but ultimately I chose one that linked to a Jamie Oliver (you remember him?  The Naked Chef) recipe for Flavored Water.

He gave several different possibilities (a couple of which I hope to try, eventually) for flavoring, but I decided to go with his berry option.  First I gathered my ingredients:  filtered water (because Ohio tap water is gross), ice cubes, a vessel, and some blackberries (we had these on hand).

flavored water ingredients

Next I filled the decanter about half way with ice cubes.

add the ice

Then I “muddled” the berries and put them into the bottle with the ice.  This means that I sort of smashed them to release some of the juice and the yummy flavors.

muddling blackberries  insert smashed berries

Then I added the actual water.

blackberry flavored water

Talk about easy!  It isn’t that bad!  No strange flavors, no unneeded chemicals.  Just fruit and water!  I can do this, now let’s see how long I can keep doing it?  How about you?  Making any changes for 2014?



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